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For over 35 years,offering unique merchandise & designs for your home, and garden, while providing clients with our "Very Best" in quality, service, product and maintenance. All packaged with our personal care because we love what we do for you!


Who would have thought 40 years ago that in 2015, I would be a laborer of love instead of an executive for a major department store? I lived the traveling, non-stop, office environment for 18 years and I loved every minute of it.


During that time in 1980, along with partners, I purchased a retail store for my father to have as a retirement hobby. In 1989, I decided to change my course – retiring from the corporate world and pursuing a brand new life…being



My retail history, mentors, work ethic, along with my family profile, prepared me for this revised career undertaking. In 1992, I became sole owner, manager, buyer, salesperson, and refinisher of the store.


I made changes according to customers, as well as my own evolving needs, desires, and trends. Today, technology leads our lives, but to this day I am more involved in the "doing" – being on the front lines, loving the journey, seeing first-hand the finds when I purchase, or the results of my designs and our efforts whether they be in a customer’s home or in their gardens.


I believe what has driven me to all the shop business revisions over the last three decades (whether it is selecting interior or exterior merchandise or expanding into garden service) is my own love for my home – an 1876 farmhouse that I purchased in 1983.

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October 10, 1980 - Purchased this business. Original name was “Vicar Antiques &  Collectibles” located at 693 Washington Rd. in the heart of the Mt. Lebanon, PA business district.


Early 1980s - Revised name to “Vicar Antiques & Gifts” to encompass current items and reproductions (i.e. greeting cards, lampshades, candles, gift ideas).


1986 - 1998 - I dabbled in to gardening and grew to love it.


January 2000 - I relocated the shop to our current location, 192 Castle Shannon Blvd. in Mt. Lebanon and officially included my garden service and merchandise, updating our name once again to “Vicar Antiques & Garden”. I also had the privilege to be asked to show my garden creativity throughout the business property, which was undeniably the most valuable exposure to

kick-start this additional business effort.


November 2007 - Expanded interior shop space to include an adjacent vacant showroom, and officially revised our name finally to “Vicar Home & Garden”, encompassing all our interior and exterior updates.

Our passion can be yours!

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Personal message from owner Kristin Nell

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Thriving in 2010

I've gone through having renovations in 1991, 2000, and 2007 — extending from updating the interior, to revamping the entire exterior, to transforming the landscape and the entire garden…go figure.


Subconsciously, the business experienced its changes roughly within the same period.

Results are my “ah-ha” moments from handpicked buys that work into shop themes, to individual client garden performances, to a lampshade completed, or a repainted

furniture piece.


As Steve Jobs once wrote, “The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” That has been our living motive long before I heard this quote.

Growth through the years

Over the last 20 years, we have been participants in charity tours by inviting the public to view my historic home, along with the  gardens both there & shop. Examples of charity sponsors:  Botanical Garden Society, Mt. Lebanon Library, Southwinds, Howard Hanna Children's Hospital